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Stay Ahead Of The Curve: Book These Five New Year Eve Getaways ASAP

Nupur posted on 01 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Ah, New Year plans. You know the ones where you’re bombarded with various advertisements telling you to come and have a night of fun with food, drinks and a DJ. The ones which turn out to be an utter disappointment by the end. To skip that, we hunted down things that you could actually enjoy, instead of dancing to Bollywood numbers

Listen To Music Under The Stars

Get away from blaring speakers and relax on hammocks with live music in the background. Sounds like your kind of plan? Book yourself a spot at INR 5,000 and secure your new year’s eve in the lap of nature and this village with a character called Utan, just two hours away from the city. There’ll be BBQ, freshly-made food by the locals {Koli community} and the waters.

Make it a date at: INR 10,000 for two. Book here.

Head To Daman

Have a low-key new year in this coastal territory. There’s churches to be seen, lakes to be sat at, forts to be conquered and of course, with the sea by your side, it’s bound to be a peaceful start to the new year. Hop onto a bus or drive down, it’s four hours away and won’t pinch your pockets much. Don’t have the budget or the mental bandwidth to be in Goa on new year’s eve? Daman is here.

Make it a date at INR 10,000 for two. Check out this hotel offer for two here.

Camp at Bhandardara

Do you crumple your nose when your friends try tp coax you into going for a ‘happening’ new year’s eve party? You like the idea of ushering in a new year, but not with strangers. You’d rather have one friend or family to look at when the clock strikes twelve. In case you’re in on whatever we said, get yourself a tent, the people you like and possibly your pet and head to Bhandardara to camp near a lake. We told you all about it earlier here.

Make it an outing at INR 2,000 per head.

Camp at Malshej Ghat

They’ll give you two options – you can either camp hill side or plonk yourself near the river. There’s bonfire, BBQ and hanging tents {act quick or they’re gone} at INR 2,000 upward. Your dinner will be taken care of and don’t forget too take a dip in the river before your first breakfast of the year.

Make it a date at INR 4,000. Book here.

Trek and Camp at Prabalgad

A perfect plan for the adrenaline rush seekers, this trek will take you a step closer to nature. Prabalgad fort has been the choice for hikers during monsoon and otherwise too. You can star-gaze through the night and after trekking to the destination. Breakfast and dinner will be provided.

Make it a group date at INR 1.000 per head. Call +917738073691 or +919773603954 to book.