Want a fit body but hate hitting the gym? Well don’t fret anymore, because Rohan Joshi {of AIB fame}, who by his own admission felt the same, has come a long way thanks to his positive attitude, sense of humour and hard work. 

And if you are among those, that always looks for any {and every} excuse to skip the gym, let Rohan Joshi inspire you with his workouts that ensure that your pull towards the gym always remains strong. Check out his Instagram for some awesome inspiration. Come on now, let 2017 be the year you finally get that fit and sexy body, you always wanted. 

Together Is Better

Training with @prajyot_betkar today. #training #trainingday #trainer #trainingday #train🚂 #WTFisThatAnActualTrain #WhoIsAPunjabiMansFavouriteDirector #QuentinTraintino #Sorry #oxygendeprivationisreal

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A good trainer will help you achieve your goals faster and better. The best part? You might even become friends and get to create many cool squad goals like Rohan and Prajyot. 

Attitude Is Everything

Some people look badass when they work out. I'm definitively not one of those people. During this workout for example, I look like I'm engaging in a complex mating ritual with a whale who couldn't be bothered. That said, do not underestimate the cathartic joy of grappling with and punching the shit out of a giant bag for three minutes straight. Especially when you can imagine the face of every single person who pissed you off during the week 😛 The stern voice encouraging me is my trainer Chaitanya. But my favourite thing about this video is Louie half-heartedly imitating me for twelve seconds before deciding "Fuck this, I'ma go chill" #fitness #kickboxing #mma #DoesMMAstandforMeriMautAaGayi? #IfItDoesntThenItShould

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When training, remember your attitude can take you a long way. Like they say, it does not matter how many times you fall as long as you get up. Come on guys, this one is totally possible. 

Inspiration Is All Around

I used to refuse to get off this lounge chair because of how comfy it was. But now it's all tattered and lies in my garage, so it's doubling up as a gym bench for tricep dips or raised leg push ups or planks or whatever. Because jugaad is best gaad. Also THIS IS HOW YOU DOMINATE YOUR FORMER OPRESSOR #triceps #fitness #workout #LoungeChairBeLikeWtfBroMeriKyaGaltiHai

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Well the chairs have turned {sorry that was a bad pun} but sometimes jugaad can help you in reaching your fitness goals.  Let Rohan Joshi show you how.

Practise Makes You Perfect

SCREW YOU, EXERCISES NAMED AFTER ANIMALS. SCREW YOU. #fitness #workout #ntc #MautSquad #BearCrawls #LikeBearGryllsButMoreHardcore

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We agree, but once you master these exercises, you will be able to survive all your fitness woes like Bear Grylls survives any possible situation in the wild. 

Don’t Lose Out On The Fun

I love this picture. Urmi's Expression: "I could do this alllll day" My Expression: "Must. Not. Shit. Pants." About two months ago, @coach.urmi asked me to set myself a tangible three month workout goal. Something that I can't do, but want to be able to do. So I said pull-ups. Because let's face it, everyone you have ever seen do a pull up looks badass. Until I posed for this picture, that is. I'm still a long way away from being able to do ten unassisted pull-ups at a stretch, but at the end of this morning's workout, when Urmi said "let's do a photo of us doing pull ups!" I'm proud that I could muster up the cojones to do this one. Horrific facial expression notwithstanding. Also, if I, the laziest, least will-powered person on earth can get to this point, anybody can. Seriously though, ignore face. #fitness #pullups #ntc

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Lastly, always remember an Instagram worthy picture makes the entire journey worthwhile. Have you planned your routine?

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