Ten-Second Takeaway

Are you an alcoholic version of Goldlilocks? If a whiskey sour is too strong for you, and a breezer too light, and you want something justtt right – try these pre-made sangrias in a bottle for a touch of wooziness and much of flavour.

Take A Swig


Turning Point, an Indian wine company has done what should have been done a long wine, we mean time ago. They have created a ready-to-glug version of the sangria we know and love, making getting drunk a far easier and cheaper activity.

These sangrias are of two types – Nashik {white wine sangria with orange and ginger ale concentrate} and Metropolitan {with red wine sangria, orange and cranberry concentrate}. Each come in a cute packaging making it even more fun to down these drinks with 11 per cent alcohol in it. Each is for INR 175 for a pint of 330 ml.

You could have these wines mixed with fruit concentrate directly, or top it off with freshly cut fruits too.

P.S. For a handy-dandy list of where to get the most unusual sangrias in your city, check this.

So, We’re Saying…


These wines are available at pubs like Social, Terttulia, The Elbo Room, True Tramm Trunk, as well as at wine shops and retail outlets such as Reliance stores, Haiko supermarket, etc. If you want to know the closest shop to you, call up +91 9821416555 for info.

Photos courtesy: Turning Point