Ten-Second Takeaway

We love pizzas and we love mac n’ cheese, so obviously Fat Man’s Cafe Bar & Grill’s bestselling pizza, which combines these two, has got to be our new best friend.

Chow Down

We had heard a lot about Fat Man’s Cafe Bar & Grill’s mac n’ cheese pizza, but how can you be so sure of this divine combination unless you’ve tried yourself? And so we did. Frankly, we’ve always found this eatery tad overpriced, but who says no to trying a pizza like this?


When this mac n’ cheese beauty was served to us, from the very first glance we could tell that this is a love affair that will go on for a long time. Perfectly baked and generously loaded, this unique combination has everything going for it – the thin crust, the taste and the presentation. The cheese completely melts in your mouth while the tangy taste of the sauce will make you want more. For INR 525, this cheesy triangle may seem a bit expensive, but it’s certainly not bad once in a while.

So We’re Saying…

Go here if you’d love to try a sinfully loaded mac and cheese pizza combo. Vegetarians, this one’s definitely going to be one of your favourites.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons