Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re a die-hard fan of authentic Parsi food, then every possible dish at this little outlet will make your taste buds ask for more.

Say Whaaat?

When you think of good, fresh and tummy-smacking Parsi food, you either throw your thoughts towards dhansak, patra ni machchi or salli chicken. And despite these three creations standing out as signature dishes, the Parsi Amelioration Committee, is one place you just cannot miss. Be it their chicken farchas, mutton and chicken cutlets, mutton chops, or just simply their kebabs and Parsi-style cutlets, every preparation that comes out from the kitchen is worth the calories you intake. It’s an organisation that caters towards the culture of ‘Giving’ through the love for food, where dishes are cooked, prepared and packaged by poor and simple Parsi ladies.


Not only are they immensely handworking and sincere, but their passion to ensure quality of the highest order, is incredibly admirable. What amazed us the most is how reasonably priced every item on the menu is. However, the USP of this simple, yet welcoming eatery, is the large-heartedness that the staff embrace you with. With technology and newer methods influencing the culinary industry nowadays, it’s refreshing to see an eatery restore and adopt the ancient culture of doing their accounts and billing without a computer. The price for the food at this eatery is as amazing as the taste. A satisfying meal for two can be had in under INR 300.

It may be the tinniest place you encounter in Mumbai city, but once you’re there don’t forget to get your hands on the chicken farcha and the cutlets, cause that will bring a smile to your growling tummy.

So, We’re Saying…


Right from the taste, flavour, quantity and packaging, the Parsi Amelioration Committee is by far one of the few places in the city that serves food, which isn’t just value for money, but a place that you’ll want to visit over again and again. And so, if you’re craving some Parsi food, treat yourself to this ‘feel good’ culinary experience.

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Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB