Ten-Second Takeaway

Love the food at the Little Food Co.? Then you’re going to love TacoBao, their newest venture that can be spotted selling amazing baos at pop-ups and music festivals.

Chow Down


TacoBao is a newest food venture by the happy duo, Bhakti Mehta and Joy Manavath of the Little Food Co. Offering modern street-style tacos and baos, this is something a food lover has got to try. Without restricting to any particular cuisine, TacoBao promises to experiment with different flavours, ingredients and combinations.

Presently, look forward to their buttermilk chicken bao, three mushroom bao, pork bulgogi bao, cheesy bean tacos, batter fried fish with pineapple salsa and lamb barbacoa tacos. Priced between INR 200- INR 300, these yummies can be found at the upcoming Stylecracker Borough this weekend, and the Lil Flea in December.

So, We’re Saying…


You can’t wow without a bao and these delicious munchies are going to make your stomach very, very happy. So take our advice and dig into some goodness with TacoBao.

Photos courtesy: TacoBao