Check Out These 5 Health Tips To Kickstart Your 2018 On A Fit Note

    Vaishnavi posted on 29 December


    The list of new year resolutions has already begun with health being in top 3, we all realize how our crazy eating habits and city lifestyle is making us lethargic and unhealthy. Also, squeezing out some time for exercise on a hectic day is a huge task for all but this doesn’t mean one can’t stay healthy. With these baby steps and Nutrivity by your side, you can reach your desired goal in no time.

    Switch Switch

    The idea is to enjoy your cravings in a smarter and healthier way. Instead of munching on a packet of fried chips while netflixing your favourite series, switch to makhana(fox nuts) or a bowl of boiled corn that will curb your hunger pangs plus no guilt. You can also opt for nuts and veggies to fill your tummy up!

    Ditch The Lift

    This has been said over and over again, ditching the lift and opting for the stairs is the best way to kickstart your day. Right from opting for your building staircase while heading to work, or using the cafeteria in your office building, make it a habit to walk it out and burn calories. You can keep a set target of walking 1000 steps daily as a beginner.

    Sip Sip!

    Water is underrated, it’s the best way to stay young and healthy, it plumps up your skin keeping the wrinkles away while you stay hydrated. Whenever food cravings hit you, gulp down a glass of water to tackle it and still feel full. Also, a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning can boost your digestion system.


    It’s not a new fact that one must exercise daily to stay fit but with the number of tries and lack of motivation, one can barely wake up on time and get into those running shoes. So friends, introducing Nutrivity that will be your new best friend in this case and help you get accustomed to exercising. With their customized diet plans that suit your body type and exercise plans, you can attain your desired goal without any hassle. With the right kind of motivation, you can get that summer body you are longing for.

    Sleep is Bae

    Do not underestimate the power of sound sleep, it’s the essential thing if you have decided to take up the healthy lifestyle. So say goodbye to your phones and sleep like how a baby does!

    So, We’re Saying...

    These easy-peasy essential habits are no biggie and everyone can totally adapt to stay healthy and happy. Make the new year resolution come true with some little help, you can touch base with the Nutrivity team that will help you overcome your unhealthy eating habits and thus making your 2018 awesome as ever.

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