Craving Sweets But Avoiding Those Calories? These Desserts Are What You Need!

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What Makes It Awesome

This year has been tough. And while some of us have amped up the workout routine and somehow fit it into our WFH schedules, we've occasionally gone the other way too. And needed a little extra TLC in the form of chocolate cake after a bad day. But then comes the worry about the calories, right?

That's where Guilt-Free Treats comes in. This bakery is all about making sure you get the satisfaction of eating your favourite desserts with a far smaller portion of the guilt that comes along with it. They've baked up a storm of healthy alternatives with ingredients like whole wheat, amaranth, olive oil and no refined sugar (think jaggery, honey, brown sugar and dates instead). Say what? So you can choose from delicious cakes like the Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake, Ragi Dates And Walnut Cake, Amaranth Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes and more. 

Expect to shell out INR 750/half KG for cakes and INR 280 upwards for cookies (pack of 6). And get this, if you want to customise your own cakes you can do that too. Just choose from a variety of flours, sweetener, flavour and dry fruits and they'll get it baked and delivered to your doorstep. 


DM them on Instagram or reach out on Facebook to place your orders. And if you want to connect directly, hit the 'Enquire Now' button!