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Working From Home? We’ve Found A Crunchy, Nutty Colleague To Keep You Company


    What Makes It Awesome

    Working from home for a continuous stretch can be quite boring. And the one thing we all are guilty of doing at home is not resisting the urge to constantly eat some snacks. In fact, it’s always hunger o’clock at home, so we thought, why not replace our unhealthy snacks with some incredible healthy alternatives? So let us introduce you to our newest friend, Munchilious Granola!

    Started with the aim of making yummy yet healthy snacks, Munchilicious Granola is available in five variants - Original, Dried Fruits, Grain Free, Dark Chocolate and Desi Twist. This means each of us has found our favourite flavour albeit in healthy food. This wholesome granola takes away all the reasons to eat junk and can be munched on anytime of the day. All variants of Munchilicious Granola contain 80-91% nuts, seeds and fruits and are universally loved. In fact, granola is the quickest breakfast fix as it’s ready to eat, healthy yet tasty. So have it the way you like. The added USPs are 1. Rich in nuts and seeds 2. No added oil 3.No added sugar.

    When you’re hungry between meals and need something munchy, binge on Dried Fruit granola. We bet you will love the taste of dried pineapples and strawberries in it. The Dark Chocolate granola is a perfect dessert replacement- it’s equal parts crunchy and chocolaty. If you’re craving for something chatpata or would kill for some chaat, pick up some Desi Twist granola, and your cravings will be sorted! We understand going out isn’t an option, so take our word when we say that this flavour is just the right thing for you. Packed with nuts, seeds, grains and pulses combined with desi flavours, what’s not to like! Lastly, if you’re fussy and don’t like those grains, or you’re someone who loves all things vegan, then choose the nutty and fruity Grain free granola. 

    Now that we’ve given you these awesome granola variants, keep that packet of chips aside and get yourself a box or two (or five) of Munchilicious granola. You can get these at your nearest Natures Basket or other leading retail stores in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata or simply get them online here.

    Pro Tip

    Given the current situation, we urge you to not step out of your houses and maintain complete social distancing. However, the delicious Munchilicious granola is available online or simply call on 8451863555 and get ‘em delivered in a day! (Thank us later for this)

    P.S -  Munchilicious follows all the norms & takes necessary precautions to bring to you fresh and hygienically prepared & packaged granola.