Ten-Second Takeaway

Every family’s favourite Kailash Parbat just went rogue, with a new Bandra outlet now open and soon to serve alcohol too.

You Don’t Say

Kailash Parbat has been the place to go to when chhole-bhature was a necessity and a desire rolled into one, and the inner-Punjabi in us yell khaana kithe! Their chaat, kulfi and pav bhaji are what usually make one ask for seconds.

Now, to add to the long list of locations they’re already at in Mumbai and outside, Bandra, too now has its own Kailash Parbat. This one does things a little differently, however. We read here in The Hindu that apart from serving alcohol, they will soon be amping up the presentation too, serving their dishes in pots and pans. They are also whipping up dishes such as pav bhaji fondue {which includes cheese and roasted garlic}, and Amritsari chole fondue {served along with bread and mini cocktail samosas}. Other new items on the menu are sabzi dal chini, chur chur naan, dal rajma khichdi, among other things.

The bar, which is unusual for an all-veg restaurant, is yet to open but will sure be an interesting option to have around.

So, We’re Saying…

Go forth, chaat-lover lost in Bandra, and remember have the alcohol with the pani puri but never in it.

Photo source: Kailash Parbat