Ten-Second Takeaway

Zen Cafe is as zen as it gets- it’s an all vegetarian cafe hidden in a luxurious furniture store in Raghuvanshi Mills compound {Lower Parel} for our date goals  – and even doubles up as a co-working space.

Work, Date Or Just Chill

Zen Cafe was launched in 2013 – though it still remains a city secret. Think New York, Berlin or even Paris – all of these cities are known for their open cafe culture – come, sip your coffee and work on your laptop. It’s a place we would definitely recommend to get your date on {it’s cozy, hidden and serves amazing coffee} – especially if both of you are okay with its vegetarian menu {check out other veggie date places here}.

You can also book tables to work out from, just go here, and fill the form, and easily book a table or two or more for your group meetings, or just for yourself. They offer bookings for meetings, printer facilities, and more. There is no judgement going on here, the waiters are polite, courteous, and in fact will help you choose dishes off the menu.

Chow Down


With its limited menu Zen still manages to shine and offer plenty to us. Though the menu is vegetarian {we are not complaining} – it has some delicious offerings. From potato rosti {with sauteed vegetables} to its quick bites of hummus with pita bread and paninis – we like it all. Zen also does really good vegetarian sushi rolls {which are hard to come by}, with a special mention to their avocado roll and California roll.

The pizzas are light, cheesy ad filling, and one of our favourites here is the wholewheat aglio olio pasta – seasoned and flavoured really well.

Sip On


Zen Cafe, according to us, is definitely one of the best places in the city to grab a cuppa coffee {hot or cold}, especially their cold cafe froid, which we love and swear by. They also serve a fantastic drink of spiced ananas smartini- which is basically fresh pineapple juice shaken with a hint of jalapenos – a drink we say you may order to impress your date. They also have their homemade ginger ale, smoothies and juices to choose from, so go crazy.

So, We’re Saying…

Looking to skip over crowded cafes and want some downtown quality time with your date, or you’re just looking to work out of a quiet, peaceful cafe? We say, Zen Cafe is where you ought to be.

Photo source: Zen Cafe