Do you know you can hire a Drone and make your own Videos too?

    Vir posted on 17 July

    What Makes It Awesome

    You can make an amazing videos of your gang or even yourself doing adventure activities in outdoors. This is a very simple, just log on to or contact +919664514503 and hire a Drone with or without pilot and shoot a video for your self. It's great vehicle to fly so you can just add this to your hobby as a drone pilot.

    What Could Be Better?

    The Police permission is required so if Government ease out the laws for UAV flying norms then it could have been an easier task.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Always take a formal training in flying objects or Hire a Drone with the Pilot which might cost upto Rs.15000 for a day Including the Pilot cost. It's always advisable.

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      Mumbai, Maharashtra, India