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#LBBLoves: Home Decor & Clothes Inspired By Mumbai's Kaali-Peeli Taxis

Jayati posted on 16 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

The funky taxi uphostery executed by design collective Taxi Fabric over the last year have found a more stable home. Go visit their studio space Soul Patch in Lower Parel, which is currently serving as an exhibit space for home decor and apparel featuring these designs.


What’s It About

Colourful upholstery, which included patterns such as Jungle Book and Number Game {chronicling dabbawallas and their journey to deliver dabbas} became something to look out for while on our way to work everyday after Taxi Fabric.


Taxi Fabric tried to capture the magic of Mumbai's daily life by turning a mundane couch cover at the back of a cab into a visual treat. Now, with the new boutique, these works of art are up for preview and will be available for purchase on their website within a month on the website. Products such as pillow covers, sofas, drapes clothing etc are up for exhibit.

All the designs that have donned the cabs, from Nocturnal to Tapori to A Century’s Revolt, will be available.

Home Decor With Stories


We're excited about seeing the kitschy, detailed and intricate work come alive on a whole line of products, which will include cushion covers, garments, lamps, scarves and more. The boutique will also offer other fabrics apart from polyester - which is used for the taxis - including silk, cotton and satin. The pricing remains a tightly guarded secret for the meantime though, so we're trying to contain our enthusiasm.

#LBBTip: They’re set to offer online shopping on their website, so keep a look out.

Where: 14, Soul Patch, sun mill compound, Lower Parel

Timings: Weekdays, 11am - 5pm.


Check their website here.

Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Photos Courtesy: Aniruddh Kothari

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locationLower Parel

14, Soul Patch, Sun Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Community Groups

Taxi Fabric

locationLower Parel