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    Home Needs A Revamp? Head To These Markets For Some Amazing Finds

    Mary posted on 26 May

    You know that feeling when you enter a beautifully curated space, right? Whether it is your friend’s home or an impressive hotel, some places are built in such a manner, that they immediately put you at ease. However, figuring out what is behind creating that sense of serenity and translating the same for your home is not an easy task.

    We understand, and that is why we have scouted the entire city for markets, where you can find some incredible furniture that will help you create a home that truly matches your style. Ready? Well let’s go then.

    The Furniture Shop, Santacruz

    For gorgeous, customised wooden furniture

    If you love wooden furniture and believe that it truly reflects your style bookmark My Furniture town Santacruz Studio right away. From gorgeous colourful cupboards, side tables, drawers and wooden settees, this shop has it  all on display, so you to get an idea about what you may want.

    That’s not all. If you have a special design in mind, they’ll even make it for you, and will also get it delivered to your house, pan-Mumbai. And that, my friends, is what we call a great deal.

    Nazir Khan Cane Handicrafts, Bandra West

    For eco-friendly  and hand-made furniture

    A small cane furniture shop at the Bandra signal, Nazir Khan Cane Handicrafts sells handmade cane items that will add that earthy feel to your home. Though they have lamps, stools, sofa sets and cane swings, we recommend you head here for your lighting needs. Sober and eclectic, the small lamps start at INR 800. What’s also amazing is that when you enter the store they show an entire catalog of products which they can also custom make for you at cost-friendly prices. Win-win guys.

    Already feeling the heat? Don’t worry 7UP Revive will help you stay hydrated, while you shop for these incredible pieces of furniture. By helping you replenish essential electrolytes & fluids which you lose through sweat, this is sure to help you focus and stick to the task at hand.

    Taherally, Lower Parel

    For vintage furniture lovers

    Are you among those who believe that the real way to achieve awe-inducing interiors is with one-of-a-kind objets d’art? Make your way to Taherally’s, where you will find many things to appease your vintage love. From French silverware to large Chinese woodwork cupboards, brass floor fans and wooden trunks, you will find eclectic pieces that will make every shopper walk away with a very big smile.


    Oshiwara Furniture Market, Jogeshwari

    For affordable furniture

    This market brings together some really pretty pieces of furniture at affordable prices and is a heaven for not just decor enthusiasts, but also those who have recently shifted to the city. From cabinets, study tables, bookshelves and even some old paintings and ceramic tiles, you might need to hunt a bit before you lay your hands on a prized piece. But believe us when we say this- it’s definitely worth battling the heat for this one.


    We know that haggling with the shopkeepers might also drain you of your energy, so we recommend you carry a bottle of 7UP Revive, because this is a great way to help replenish your body with fluids, essential electrolytes and vitamins.

    Chor Bazaar

    For ‘steal’ deals

    As the name goes, Chor Bazaar literally translates to ‘thieve’s market’. Here you will find old, new and ahem, ‘borrowed’ stuff for a steal deal. Starting off from mutton street where there are more than 100 shops, it’s a fantastic place to get your house furniture sourced from.

    What can you get here? Expect all sorts of antique, old colonial furniture, in addition to house decor items like gorgeous chandeliers, sofas, armchairs, and even outrageous big decor pieces like fountains or elephants. It can get quite crowded, so be prepared.

    Inspired to set up your home? Head out to these amazing markets and give your home the decor upgrade you have always wanted. And don’t worry because whether you have to battle the crowded markets or hunt for that elusive furniture piece, 7UP Revive will help you deal with #SweatLossRecharge. As everyone knows, summer is no reason to stop shopping right?

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