Heading Out For A Vacation? Find A Host Take Care Of Your Pets For You

    What Makes It Awesome

    Pet Project is a new lodging service in town for our beloved pets which is a perfect solution for when we’re away. They match pet owners with eager pet-sitters, ensuring that your pet is comfortable and having a good time. 

    Think of it as a match made in heaven, except between pet owners and prospective hosts. After signing up with Pet Project, one can either host pets or find hosts for them. From dogs, cats, turtles to fish, parrots and reptiles – they’ll find a home for everybody. Home-stays for pets – we love the concept.

    We think it’s a great platform for all you pet owners to shed your travelling worries.Also, if you're intimidated with adopting a potential furry baby, this can be great practice, You get to spend some time with animal friends and earn some dough while at it!

    This would be the best option for your pets, as they won't have to deal with unknown neighbours or your anxious friend, they could have a much more comfortable time with their foster parents instead. The charges for one night start from INR 750, depending on the host you select.

    You can sign up to become a host or find a home-stay for your pet here. You can also contact them on 9920642109/ 9820267713 or email at info@thepetproject.in.

    Pro Tip:

    If you're finding a home-stay for your pet, you will have to go through the process of selecting the host from the profiles provided to you by The Pet Project. Once selected, your pet will have a paw-some play date, and if it works out, they find their temporary home! This process will take at least 2 weeks, so plan in advance.