Ten-Second Takeaway

Jin Jin is a Mumbai-based beauty brand that makes edible homemade scrubs and body souffles that come in a cute jar for do-it-yourself spa indulgences.

A Scrub With A Side Of Souffle


Purely natural and home-made, these products are a delicious range of skin care by Jinelle Dlima. Find flavours like peppermint, chocolate peppermint, chocolate vanilla powder, vanilla, rosemary and what not. Not just face scrubs, which by the way are also edible,  she also sells scented candles, foot soaks, body scrubs, bath/spa hampers and our favourite, body souffle aka whipped cremes,  that doubles up as sun protection cream. No tan and smooth skin? For the win!

What We Love

We are obsessed with Jin Jin’s entire skin care collection. The flavours are to die for from shea butter, honey, coffee almond, cinnamon with vanilla powder – all sorts of combinations are available and good to go. These blissful and sinful moisturising scrubs can be made to order as well along with gift hampers for birthdays, weddings, or baby showers. Jut give her a call and she will happily give you suggestions based on your preferences.

The scented candles are homemade too and we’re thinking they would made lovely and homely housewarming presents {who doesn’t like a good-smellin house?}. Heads up, since all of these products are made out of natural and organic ingredients, make sure to use them within a year and store them in a cool place.

So, We’re Saying…

Handmade edible scrubs and body souffles with flavours like chocolate vanilla, honey, lavender? We are already planning our DIY home spa without making a trip to expensive spas to unwind. The best bit, however, is the fragrance it leaves on us post the session because we, for one, do not mind smelling like chocolate vanilla all day long.

#LBBTip: Not too sure about what scrub you want to go for? Drop in at her place and explain your scents, flavours you’re obsessed with. She will make scrubs and souffles based on those flavours for you.

Price: Face, foot and body scrubs INR 350 upwards, Body souffles INR 320 upwards, Candles INR 200, custom hampers INR 1,500 upwards

Photos courtesy: Jin Jin