Parents Or Friends In Town? Make Them Feel At Home In This Gorgeous Bandra Apartment

Bhavika posted on 31 May

What Is It?

Tired of your bai busting your sleeping mojo on the weekends, yet don’t have the energy to get out of town for a vacation? We’d like to be introduced to a lovely home in the midst of Mumbai, that is the perfect staycation spot: or if you have parents and friends in town and no space at home.

How Do I Get There?

It’s an airbnb property, which is located in Bandra and is super accessible {as everything in Bandra is}. The exact location would be given once the stay is booked & confirmed.

What Is Unique About It?

Honestly, the room that is given for rent in this bungalow is beyond beautiful and extremely well-decorated. A rather minimal home with interesting pieces of art put with a lot of thought.

Don't Leave Home Without...

The book you’ve been meaning to read, the materials for the play you wanted to write, as we’re certain you’ll find inspiration hiding here somewhere – beneath the duvet, next to the window with the sunlight or by the nightstand, because it is that gorgeous.

Anything Else?

The room is for INR 6,968 for two people per night, and the minimum stay is 1 night.
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