Deck With A Lake View: This Gorgeous Homestay Is Perfect For A Family Getaway

Jayati posted on 28 August

What Is It?

If you’re all about the suite life on deck {and if you also get the reference}, we’ve got you covered. Homestay with a deck is a gorgeous AirBnb property overlooking the Mukane Dam’s backwater, and it is everything you wanted from a fun family vacation.

How Do I Get There?

Mukane Dam is approximately 154 kilometres from Mumbai by road, and it will take you at least three hours and 15 minutes {approximately} to get there. The dam is an ‘earthfill dam’ situated on Aaundha river and is very close to Igatpuri, Nashik.

Since it is an AirBnb property, once you book your stay, the directions will be shared with you, though it is just three kilometres away from the Mumbai-Nashik highway.

What's So Unique About It?

The homestay is run by Padmaja, a Mumbai-based architect and landscape designer. Perhaps that is why the farmhouse has been designed in such a beautiful way, and a communal way overlooking the Mukane Dam lake. The bungalow has two courts to offer, a Budha court and Champa court, and offers one bedroom.

The idea is to forge a communal living among the family/friends who’re out on a trip together. However, the best bit is obviously the breath-taking view from the deck. Watching the sun set, or sunrise from the deck, having fun in the waddling pools at the deck or just enjoying the calm and peace at this bungalow is what it is all about.

The bungalow can accommodate eight people in all, and it comes down to INR 14,009 per night {this includes the taxes}.

You may also trek down to the water’s edge aka the lake, or trek upto Kavnai fort nearby.

Anything Else?

Make sure to carry your trekking shoes in case you’re going to be engaging in outdoor activities. They also have farm wherein organic veggies are grown, so you can take a walk down there as well.

To book your stay, go here.