Ten-Second Takeaway

A street in Bhuleshwar, one of the busier markets of South Mumbai, has shops selling hookah of all sizes, and this one Akbarali & Co., we think, has the best collection.

What Do You Get Here?


In this shop, from start to end there are beautiful hookahs shining bright from the display, and inside rows of them along with other brass artefacts, lamps, home décor items.

There are hookahs here from every budget, basic, smaller and just about functional ones start from INR 300, and then the price goes upwards. A decent one will empty your card by INR 450 only. These hookahs a mix of some manufactured in Muradabad in India, and or expensive minakari work ones. The rest are imported from either Turkey, Egypt, and how can we forget, China.

While the shop is a little traditional, you will find them helpful as they will sell you not just the hookah but everything that accompanies it including flavour, hookah paper and coal. They’ll also explain how to make it work.

So, We’re Saying…


Rather than floundering about the internet and borrowing that one sheesha from that one friend for every party, why not just get your own small one from this shop here?

Where: 58, E R Road, Pydhonie, Bhendi Bazar, Mumbai

Photos: Bhavika Govil/LBB