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Drink Candy-Flavoured Vodka & Eat Butter Chicken Nachos At This New Bandra Bar


    Taking us back to our childhood memories and a favourite playground game, a new bar is making its way to Bandra on May 12 on SV Road. So hop on to a cab, and make your way for drinks and more at Hopscotch.

    Hop And Scotch, All In One

    A retro themed bar and brasserie in the vicinity of Bandra will be home to nostalgia, pop music and dishes inspired by school memories.

    Chow Down

    The menu is a complete throwback, and comes loaded with dishes that take us back to the 90s. They have lord of the onions, waffle chicken popcorn and even corn dogs! They also have a nachos section – where you can indulge in their overloaded nachos but with a twist. Ever heard of butter chicken or paneer makhni nachos? Neither did we. But you get to try them out here. For desserts, unleash your inner child with nutella churro lollipops, nutella and butterscotch ice cream buns and more.

    Apart from this, the bar also tries to play with nostalgia and offers some really unique cocktails. There’s your in to the candy land {vodka-based with candy syrup}, hopscotch coffee {vodka-based with coffee} and even an apple cinnamon whiskey, all of which are priced at INR 450.

    So, We're Saying...

    Is Bandra getting cooler or what? Spoiling us for choices, Bandra is home to all sorts of eateries, cafes and bars. With Hopscotch bringing in its unique concept to this side of the town, we’re excited to step out and try something new {but also old}.

    On that note, a glass of hopscotch coffee cocktail please!