Ghosts & Ghouls: Attend A Horror-Movie Festival In Mumbai Next Weekend

Bhavika posted on 13th July

What Is It?

Next Saturday, carry your warmest blankets and a whole lot of courage to this Horror Movie Festival taking place in Lower Parel. What can you expect? A lot of gore, chill, screams and of course, good food. The festival is taking place on July 22 at Barking Deer Brewery in Lower Parel, and tickets are out already.

Who Is It For?

Masochists mostly, for why else would you subject yourself to the torture of being terrified to your guts? Or others who genuinely like the thrill of dark rooms, creaky windows, silent footsteps and a creepy voice saying, ‘is anyone home?’

Why Should I Go?

They’re going to be screening one of the most spine-chilling movies at the festival – Silence Of The Lambs. If you’ve not seen it before, well you’re in for good fun, and even if you are, nothing quite prepares you for the movie.

During the intermission, they will host a horror movie trivia, testing you on your knowledge of on-screen ghosts, ghouls and everything beyond the grave {rewards are expected}. They will also have a special menu themed around the festival, so keep a look out for that.

Anything Else?

Tickets are for INR 399, including entry, movie screening and a complimentary beer or mocktail, your pick. Buy them here.