Grandmillennial (aka Granny Chic): The Best Of 2021's Favourite Decor Trend


    Florals, frills, ruffles, macrame and the rustic charm of vintage. Decor junkies and lovers of all things dreamy say hello to the much talked about Grandmillenial trend. Think of it as a countryside home, but with a hint of modernity to it. To make it seamless and easy for you, we've divided the list into three parts: bedroom, living room and dining room.

    We've hunted down a bunch of home accessories and accents that will help you get the look, with very little effort.     


    A Dreamy Floral Bedsheet

    Tropical Leaf Printed Mint Green Bedsheet & Cushion Cover Set


    Your bed takes up the most space in your room, so decking this piece of furniture should be your first step. Get an instant dreamy look by spreading this white and pastel pink floral bedsheet on your bed. 

    If florals aren't your thing, this pink & blue tropical one is your safest bet.          

    Cushion Covers With Frills

    Floral Enhancement Ruffled Cover


    Nothing fits the Grandmillenial trend better than these floral cushion covers with white frills. Either add these in your cosy nook or simply bundle these up on your bed along with the other cushions. 

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    Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher

    Macramé Tree of Life Wall Hanging


    Now, I'd only recommend this if you've got a part of a wall in your room which is painted a different colour. If not, this can always be hung up near your balcony or window even. 

    LBBTip: Make the most of this look by pairing this with fairy lights.  

    Rustic Banana Fibre Lamp

    ERUK Adaptable Lamp


    While this would look best along your bed, it can also be hung over your dressing table. Yes, this one is an expensive pick, but it's worth it. This lamp maintains a perfect balance of countryside rustic vibe and contemporary style. 

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    Living Room

    Handpainted Floral Wall Plate

    Wild Garden Wall Plate


    One of the quite evident looks of this trend is floral and printed wall plates neatly organised on a part of the wall. So, pick that part in your living room which isn't too cluttered and hang up a bunch of wall plates. While it can a random display of all your wall plates, you can also opt to buy a bunch of matching wall plates.     

    Tasseled Wall Hoops

    Set of 2 Mini Floral Printed Dream Catcher


    This actually goes well with the wall plates as well. If not that, hang these floral and knotty beauties in your window or balcony (read: minimal accessories to beautify your window). If you've got a home garden, this is a great addition there.     

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    Bunch Of Frames On A Wall

    Set of 4 Wall Hanging Photo Frame Dark Blue, Dark Pink, Turquoise, Yellow


    This is another great and super-easy way to ace this trend. Not only does it add a pop of colour, but also gives you a chance to display your memories and build up that memory wall you've always wanted. 

    For the best result, make sure you're attaching B/W photos.       

    Macrame Wall Hanging

    Bohemian Macramé Handmade Wall Hanging Classic V Pattern


    Yep, another macramé option. (Clearly shows our love for these handwoven beauties)! This can be beautifully hung around your television unit or adorned on a wall surrounding your dining room.     

    A Floral Embroidered Frame

    Buds & Blooms Key Holder Frame With Artwork and Crochet Motifs


    This is perfect for your living room or even the passageway. If you've got an area for indoor plants, this would go great with your leafy plants and add some more buds and flowers. 

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    Kitchen & Dining

    Victorian-Style Floral Tea Cup Set

    Butterfly Tea Set (Set of 2)


    This is the cutest item on the list. Think you're sitting in a Pinterest-y cafe in Paris and sipping a hot cup of coffee or herbal tea. If you've got a glass cabinet for your crockery, make sure you display these right in the front. It's sure to grab eyeballs.   

    Bright Yellow Set Of Plates

    Dessert Plate - Sunflower (Set of 4)

    Rightly referred to as 'yellow marigold' this set of plates is here to infuse a rich colour palette in your dining room. If you're having guests over, place these against bright placemats. These bright pink ones should do the job.  

    Macramé Placemats As A Center Piece

    Knits and Knots Macramé Placemat (Set of 2)


    If you've got a round dining table, this set of two placemats make an ideal centrepiece and can be used for fruit bowls, cutlery stand or a flower vase.    

    A Crochet Wine Bottle Holder

    Wine-All-Way-Wine Cozy


    Hosting a fancy dinner party? Here's an offbeat way to display your chic and vintage wine collection.  

    Floral Napkin Holder

    Red Floral Printed Napkin Holder


    This can be a part of your spoon/fork stand and the salt/pepper bottles. Not only does this double as an elegant piece of decor but is also a functional way to store your napkins and other maybe even coasters.    

    Minimal Embroidered Napkins

    White Floral Hand Embroidered Cotton Table Napkin (Set of 2)


    Well, these are too pretty to be used but can be used for a special occasion or party. To bring that fine-dine feel, fold these professionally and place them against every plate on the table.