Ten-Second Takeaway

Hufflepuff, which some say is the most underrated house of Hogwarts, is also a small eatery and hookah joint in Byculla.

Must Have

Their baked zitti pizza is a pizza topped with french fries, making it the best of both worlds. They even sell melted cheese popcorn and eggless macarons.


Other than that, everything that is a legitimate snack is offered here, including different types of Maggi, sandwiches {even one that is stuffed with roasted potatoes, one with Nutella and even french fries again: we’re sensing a pattern here}.

Only a few months old, we think of this as the call to our answers to a consistently hookah-serving place. It’s a small place with a bricked wall, running through and a cosy environment. Almost takes you back to college scenes.

So, We’re Saying…

If you are fond of all three of the following activities: Harry Potter references, smoking in some hookah and eating vegetarian food, well – Hufflepuff will seem like serendipity to you.

Photos source: Hufflepuff