Get Married Or Host A Party In These Swanky Huts That Can Be Set Up Anywhere In The City


    Selecting a perfect venue for a party can be a headache. But, Bavarian Soul Hospitality has collaborated with Germany-based brewery brand Erdinger to give you the perfect venue for any kind of party you want to throw…anywhere you want!

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    Erdinger Hut is the first ever modular hut pop up in India. You can use the space to curate your own event, or rent out the hut and customise the eclectic décor as per the occasion. The hut can be set up at a location of your choice. The venue can be used to host weddings, private parties and even corporate events as it can accommodate every requirement of the occasion.

    It takes just about one day to dismantle and reassemble the hut and it can be rented out for INR 10 Lakh for a day. The cost will not include the food, but will include 90 liters of Erdinger beer.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you are up for experiencing German party culture and are looking for a super dope venue for any next occasion, there can’t be a better option. This literally just fell into your lap!