Indigo Burger Project - A New Burger Hub In The Suburbs

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Indigo Burger Project!

    New place alert in Andheri West. So the Bandra has BKC which is not just Industrial but a food hub now, similarly Andheri ain't no less. Laxmi Industrial Estate has so many restaurants and cafes booming every day.

    One new addition is the Indigo Burger Project which is a division of Indigo Delicatessen.

    I visited IBP day before yesterday to savour some insane burgers but hold on, they have a lot more than burgers. This eatery serves pasta, pizzas, sides, shakes and even Sandwiches though burgers are the USP.

    I began with a burger of course to binge the best first.

    What I Tried?

    Chicken Thanos Burger:

    So this is the recommended burger at IBP. If you're a person who can bear way too spicy food they also have a special burger for you. So the Thanos is a double chicken patty burger with a layer of egg and sauce, iceberg and soft bun. It's buttery and delicious. The chicken patty is not a deep fried one but minced chicken with herbs. I would say its a must try.

    Chicken Popcorn:

    Chicken popcorn can never go wrong so ya just order it.

    Meaty Pizza:

    So this could have been better. Didn't like the aroma of sauce used and also pizza needs to be more cheesy.

    Red Velvet Shake:

    This was good. Something better than regular chocolate and Vanilla.

    Cold Coffee:

    When Mumbai is already confused about the weather, I'm still sipping cold beverages. This was good light coffee with vanilla ice cream.

    Blackberry Mocktail:

    So generally cafes use just an artificial syrup to colour the drink but here a good crush was used and the drink had actual berries.

    So I would recommend Indigo Burger Project for burgers majorly and also try the shakes here.

    Good humble service. It's a small cosy place with 2-3 indoor tables and a few outdoor.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Big Group, Kids
      Andheri West, Mumbai