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Parchment Corner

    A Personal Message Or Wall Art: Get Customised Paper Art From This Brand Starting At INR 150

    Nupur posted on 13 October


    We stumbled upon Parchment Corner – a brand that sells intricately-designed paper art. When we say intricate, we’re not kidding. Have a look yourself.

    What To Buy

    Baking or parchment paper serves various purposes. It’s used as tracing paper and well, to bake. But, Parchment Corner is taking it up a notch by making art out of it.

    paisley ~ parchment corner frame #1 size: 12.75 x 9.25 inches frame width: 0.75 inches frame depth: 1 inch price on request. #parchmentcorner #parchmentcraft #frames #handwork #handmade #intricacy #oneofakind #bespoke #artisanship #mumbai

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    You can buy wall art, thank you tags, greeting cards, envelopes, bookmarks, even hair clips. The best part about Parchment Corner is the customisation angle. You can ask them to personalise each piece and they will happily do so. Want your partner’s name or a message on an art piece? Hit them up. The collection starts at INR 150, going up to INR 4,500.

    needle cutting, stippling & embossing details. #parchmentcorner #parchmentcraft #papercraft #crafts #handmade #details #intricacy #oneofakind #bespoke #artisanship #design #mumbai

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    So, We're Saying...

    The artworks have our vote and we think they will subtly uplift a room’s mood in seconds.

    Visit the Instagram page here and place an order here.

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