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Everything On The table Will Amaze You At Ph Se Food

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Well! This cafe is just love! Be it ambience or it's food! I visited this cafe one afternoon with my friends and everything on the table just amazed me so much. . So we ordered, 1) Warm Paneer Salad: This salad had Fresh paneer, broccoli, bell peppers, lettuce and tomatoes and they were tossed in pepper and some kind of tasty juice. All exotic veggies were used. 2) Surgical Strike: They were Manchurian kind of balls tossed in good gravy! It's one of the recommended dishes 😍 3) Chole Bhature Bomb: This was old wine in a new bottle! Rolls were made out of bhature and chole were stuffed inside it. I bet I never had such amazing and tasty food 4) Pav Bhaji Platter 2: So this is kind of platter with 3 kinds of bhajis served in it. One is normal Bhaji, the second one is made of raw bananas and brinjal and the third one is Manchurian Bhaji. You ought to try this one. 5) Veg Cannelloni: This was kind of lasagna thing but this was in pieces and the sheets weren't the same as lasagne as said by the chef! But I just loved this so tasty so delicious. 6) Dragon Rice: These rice had spring onions and few veggies in it and the sauce had exotic veggies. This was nice. 7) Pesto Paneer: This was tandoori paneer kind of thing. paneer tossed in pesto sauce served with tomato and Capsicum. 8) Muddy Crumble: This is a chocolate dessert served with Chocolate sticks, tutti fruity, brownie and bit of ice cream. 9) Melting Cheese Bun - This is Bread Bun topped with white sauce and lots of exotic veggies. This is a bit sweet in taste due to extra cheese. But personally, I liked this dish. 10) Lafanga 2- This is a tiranga Shake. It had apple, kiwi and some other fruits! 11) Pani Puri Chocolate Shots- This is just love! Pani Puri was made from Chocolate stuffed with brownie, ice cream and tutti fruity. The shots had a normal chocolate shake. 12) Fruit Sangria - This was okayish. Overall Food -4.5/5 Ambience -4/5 Service -5/5 Value for money -5/5

    What Could Be Better?

    Nothing can be better than this

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹500 - ₹1,000

    Best To Go With?

    Big Group, Family, Bae, Kids