Ten-Second Takeaway

Learn to fly a private plane in Mumbai in less than six months. Unbelievable? We’ll tell you how.

Up In The Air

Raise your hands if you as a little munchkin assuredly said, ‘I’m going to be a pilot’ when asked about your future career plans. And how many of us actually took that plan up?

Now, now, this is not a ‘let’s feel bad about ourselves’ exercise. We’re telling you that you can still become a pilot, without having to give up your job or choose a whole new career path {although it is quite an investment}

Photo source: Bombay Flying Club, College of Aviation

Photo source: Bombay Flying Club, College of Aviation

The Bombay Flying Club has a course designed for those who would like to learn to fly a private plane as a hobby {and not take it up commercially}. The course is called PPL, and it takes only about 10 weeks’ time to get the certification.

The training is of 6 months, and and the requirements of the course are having done a 10+ education, and a medical certificate from the doctor. After that, you are given training and you have to give the SPL exam. The next batches are starting in mid-March.You are given on-ground as well as flying training. The fees comes heavy at INR 4,77,000.The installments have to be given after every 10 hours of training.

Check their website here.

So, We’re Saying…

‘Tis a dream come true, isn’t it? Go, conquer the skies, to-be-pilot.