Ten-Second Takeaway

No more crying over what to eat when you’re hungry at midnight because Juugaad.in, a late night delivery service, has got your back.

Late Night Munchies, Anyone?

Let’s face it – we all get super hungry at the most random hours when there’s no one who can deliver food to us. And if you’re super lazy to cook {like us}, then Juugaad.in is meant for you. Only a late night food delivery joint {delivers from 8pm to 6am}, this eatery is in Goregaon and Powai, and serves amazing Indian and Chinese food, along with some delicious desserts.

For all those people who love to stay awake late into the night, or party it up till the wee hours, then Juugaad.in is the solution to all your cravings. And because it does only home deliveries, you don’t need to step out and you can enjoy your delicious meal in the comforts of your home.

So, We’re Saying…

The next time you want some chicken tandoori or some Chinese food when the clock says 1am, worry not and simply browse through the menu at Juugaad.in and call for your favourite food to your doorstep.

Photos source: Jugaad.in