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This Jewellery Line Lets You Wear Kathakali Dancers In Your Ears

Rene posted on 13th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Bunosilo, a beautiful ethical brand, has a hand-painted jewellery line inspired by the traditional dance form of north Kerala. There’s lots of colour, handmade beauty and intricate detailing on wood that makes these pieces a sight to behold.

Also For Those With Two Left Feet

Necklaces, bangles and earrings… this series is bold and beautiful and probably not for those who like to play it safe in life. The trinkets celebrate the dancers' costumes and masks, endearing them a bit more to us.

It’s probably the little finishes this line wears that has us floored. The glass beads are the labour of love of the community of Patwas, who’ve strung this one tiny bead at a time. The designs are created on layered wood and wear a general “Incredible India” feel that makes us feel like we can have a piece of the postcards we see at museums around our neck.

So, We’re Saying…

This jewellery has that showstopper quality that can uplift any sari or plain kurta {experimental ones can go ahead and wear them with big knit sweaters too}.

Buy it for the next art soiree or for that friend who’s always at wine and cheese events.

Featured photo source: Bunosilo 


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