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Kebabs, Jalebis And More: This Food-Walk Has It All

Apoorva posted on 10 July

What Is It?

A food-walk through Mumbai's iconic Mohammed Ali Road and Bohri Mohalla in the evening today will take participants on a street feast - expect kebabs, jalebis and a very whetted appetite.

Who Is It For?

For the hardcore non-vegetarians, to start off with. If you, like us, missed out on Ramzan feasting this year {we got lazy, okay}, this is your chance to visit some of Mumbai's best street food joints all in one go.

Why Should I Go For It?

The walk is being conducted by Sherpa Vishal from SeekSherpa, who has visited and recorded his opinions of more than 400 eateries in Mumbai, so expect a very educated yet gluttonous experience. The menu will include more than half a dozen of the best kebabs Mumbai's street joints have to offer, as well as rolls and biryanis. Dessert includes jalebis and ice cream.

Anything Else?

Expect around a dozen companions, a congested area and to lose about three hours of your Sunday to this walk.

When: Sunday, July 10; 6pm, Sunday, July 31

Where: The walk begins outside Maratha Mandir Cinema, Mumbai Central, RBI Staff Colony

Timings: 6pm to 9pm

Contact: +919643982934

Book tickets here.

Photos: Seek Sherpa