Ten-Second Takeaway

Gujju power takes over the world: we can now get khakhra nachos in Mumbai – the delightful and healthy combination is available at the continental and Indian restaurant, Spare Kitchen, located in Juhu and Worli.

Chow Down

It’s just like it sounds. Your quintessential nacho chips have now been replaced with the essential Gujarati almost-papad by the folks at the Spare Kitchen. The dish is a three-layer khakhra tower interspersed with good helpings of kidney beans and salsa sauce, and is served with cheese sauce on the side. The khakras are made of wholewheat flour and are made fresh each day here. The serving size is at best meant for two people, so keep your hunger pangs in mind.

So, We’re Saying…

The concoction that Rachel in Friends made with her  trifle and shepherd’s pie might not have been popular, but we have our eyes on this weird Indo-Mexican food combination. How we will eat this food tower in public without wreaking havoc at the table, however, is a mild concern.

#LBBTip: Townies, the Spare Kitchen has just opened up its new location in Worli, too, so you can head over there now instead of making a trip to Juhu.

Photos source: The Spare Kitchen