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Retro Street Food? Try It At 3 Wise Monkeys In Khar And Vashi

Shalvi posted on 31 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Wondered how street food in Mumbai was in the past? Mumbai bar 3 Wise Monkeys {in Khar and Vashi} will turn back time to serve tasty street food from back in the day.

What’s It About?

The Mumbai Retro festival by 3 Wise Monkeys will put on display Mumbai’s very own and much-loved street food from yesteryears. For this, the pub will give itself a makeover with a retro ambience, and will also give their staff a break from the regular uniforms.

The food festival will kick off with a chefs table, and interestingly, these chefs will also share their own retro special recipes that will make their way into the festival menu that will be served at the pub between September 1 and September 20.


Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB

So get here and gorge on cheese pav bhaji, kheema pav, kheema gotala, anda maggi, cheese chilly Maggi, cheese khichiya papad, anda rice and a whole lot more, all while you gulp down their innovative bar menu {again a festival special}. Try MH03 {a combination of bourbon, lime juice and tamarind}, Cutting Chai {a combination of vanilla, vodka, black tea and cream}, chamach gola {this time with alcohol} and sugarcane juice perfectly blended with Captain Morgan. Over and above this, the desserts will also have a special retro and street food touch to them {think malai kulfi with baked Alaska}.

So We’re Thinking…

Being a Mumbaikar {original or new}, it’s a must for one to check out the city’s local street food. So if it’s served amidst retro tunes, a cosy ambience and delicious cocktails, what’s the problem?

Where: The Unicontental, 3rd Road, Off SV Road, Khar West, Khar/ Hotel Wanton House, Plot 4, Sector 26, Palm Beach Road, Vashi

When: Noon to 1am, between September 1 and 20

Contact: 022 30151217, 022 33716034

Featured photo source: Vidurmayor via Wikimedia Commons [ CC BY-SA 4.0]