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Serene, Clean And Beautiful: Set Sail From Gateway Of India To Find Kihim Beach


    If you’re a self-confessed water baby, then Kihim beach is your cradle for its clean blue water, soft padded sand and its close proximity to Mumbai for a quick beach getaway.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The easiest way to get Kihim is by taking a ferry from Gateway of India between 6 AM and 7 PM from September to May, to Mandwa jetty. From there, there’s a regular bus service that goes to Alibaug. North of Alibaug is Kihim, with its beautiful beaches.

    Kihim beach is a rocky, clean beach which offers a quiet getaway for people looking to relax and rejuvenate. The waves often swell enough for surfing which is a major attraction. Not just the beach, the village of Kihim is an explorer’s haven as well. Its population isn’t that big, and Kihim is known to host migratory birds owing to its dense and lush greenery. These birds {the rare ones too} flock in hundreds to the forest and are a delight to spot whilst walking through the woods.


    We recommend doing a proper weekend trip to Kihim as it’ll give you the time to explore other popular gems of the village. The Kanakeshwar Temple atop the hillock of Mapgaon makes for a nice short trek {it’s 3km from the beach}.

    On the way to the temple, you can also spot Brahma Kund, a tiny pond with gorgeous steps leading to it. You can also visit the Karmarkar museum, which is about 18km from Alibaug.

    The museum houses 150 gorgeous sculptures carved by Late Nanasaheb Karmakar. A bit of culture, a bit of tradition and a lot more of sand, we think Kihim makes for a fitting short holiday. The local food is delicious and anyone who loves to gorge on seafood, the restaurants will have you coming back for more.