7 Awesome Appliances That Every Millennial Should Have In Their Kitchen

Our generation struggles a lot when it comes to managing kitchen. Keeping up with our tight schedule, it becomes hard to carry out meticulous tasks which take a lot of time. So, to solve those problems and save you some time {and yet rule your kitchen}, we have compiled a list of gadgets which might work as a boon.

Chop Wizard

Be it a healthy salad or just chopping up vegetables for a quick meal, cutting vegetables always takes a lot of time {and sometimes your blood too}. If you are too last to chop chop chop or just want to save time, we suggest you go for this amazing chopping device called Vidalia Chop Wizard. Just keep a piece of vegetable and press it down. Your job is done.

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Bag Re-sealer

How many times has it happened that opened a big bag of chips or rice puffs and couldn’t finish it so had to use rubber band etc. only to find them soggy later. A bag re-sealer seals the plastic and makes it airtight and intact. Use these to save crispy snacks for later. You can also use this to seal fresh fruits and vegetables in plastic bags.

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Silicon Pouring Bowls

Have you ever tried to pour pancake barter etc. through a pan and splatter it all across the kitchen counter {because there’s no pouring spout duh}? Well, all you need to do is just put whatever you have to pour in the silicone bowls and pinch them to create a pouring space and easily coon like a pro. Be it pouring sugar in a jar or beaten eggs on a pan, this will have your back.

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Water Bottle Stick Ice Cube Trays

Summer is here and so is the task of filling water bottles and keeping them in the fridge {which your roommates always drink}. To get you out of that misery, we’d recommend you go for these amazing silicone water bottle stick ice cube trays which can be put in a bottle to make the water cold. So, before stepping out for a run or just after filling a bottle, all you have to do is put an ice stick in water and your work will be done.

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Citrus Sprayer

Don’t you sometimes wish you had a little spray bottle of lime juice filled with it so that you would never have to cut and squeeze a lemon ever again? Well, there’s a way you can convert your lemon into a spray bottle. A citrus sprayer will let you use lime as a spray bottle. All you have to do is jab the spray tube on the top {after cutting the edge and creating a flat base} and you are all set.

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The Straining Pot

Yes, all of us have those plastic strainers which we use to wash fruits and veggies. But that’s not where the real challenge lies. The problem begins when you heat stuff up {boiling potatoes, eggs, pasta etc.} and have to drain the hot water from the pot. You either end up burning yourself or wait till the water cools down. The straining pot will let you strain away the hot water after boiling is done without any hassle.

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Spiral Vegetable Slicer

All of us get bored of cutting salad in cubes all the time. Sometimes, we need a quirky change and these spiral cutters will bring just that. You can cut your vegetables into long noodle-like juliennes or give them a spring-like tornado shape. So, from spiral potato on sticks to veggie noodles, you can have anything you want, that too without wasting any time.

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