They Knead Your Needs: Head To This Bakery For Tasty Desserts & More

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What Makes It Awesome?

American Express Bakery, an ancient bakery/cafe is perhaps the city's best-kept secret! This hidden gem is kneading all our needs, as their tagline suggests, for more than a century!!

The aroma of freshly baked bread attracts you as you pass by this bakery on Clare Road. It has a quaint and cute cafe set up just next to the bakery where they sell all their products along with some good coffee. The ambiance of the spot is very rustic and interiors are really antique.

They have all sorts of bread, buns, cookies, biscuits and sweet and savoury croissant which are freshly made in their bakery. Also, they have a wide range of desserts from cheesecakes, chocolate mousse cinnamon rolls to brownies, muffins, pies, and macaroons. They also serve freshly brewed espresso and super frothy cappuccino.

To my surprise, all the products are extremely low priced and won't pinch your pocket. A cappuccino and a plain croissant cost just INR 60 each.

Special mention to their chocolate macaroons! It has a perfectly crunchy crust with a soft chewy center and warm melted chocolate in between for just INR 40 each! These macaroons are quite bigger than the traditional French macaroons which are available in the market.

What's My Pro Tip?

Ask them to heat up the macaroons while serving! You might experience some serious foodgasms with every bite of it. Also, remember that this place closes at 9!

Anything Else?

The parking is always an issue here, you can park your two wheelers in the next lane but finding a parking spot for a four wheeler is a near impossible mission.

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