Late-night food delivery: it’s what’s saved our souls on multiple occasions. Whether you’re working late, sleepless, or just stumbling in after a long night, we have rounded up delivery joints for every neighhourhood to satiate your midnight cravings.

{PS of course we know that you can school us about your hood favourites, so leave a comment if we missed out on your favourite Chinese food joint in Ghatkopar, or ice cream truck in Malad.}


Photo source: Thamizhpparithi Maari via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Photo source: Thamizhpparithi Maari via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Mini Punjab

These guys will not disappoint you with their delivery time and almost authentic North Indian food.

Delivery till: 2-2.30am

Contact: +9102226006164


The most filling thing you can order from here are the rolls. Also, these guys are from Bandra but will deliver till Andheri with a minimum order of INR 1000 and even farther as the order increases.

Delivering till: 6 am

Contact: 022 26557907

Mogul Sarai 

They’re great with their portions, so order up when you want Mughlai food, and a lot of it.

Delivering till: 5am

Contact: +9102233951675

South Mumbai

Photo source: Indizza - The Delivery Kitchen

Photo source: Indizza – The Delivery Kitchen

Indizza, Worli

Indizza has one of the best North Indian food options, especially for late-night weekends and in most probability, anything you order would be delicious.

Towards the South side, they deliver till Parel. If you live further away in SoBo, call for their food via Scootsy.

Delivering till: 2.30am on Fridays and Saturdays only {weekday + Sunday timings are till 11.30pm}

Contact: +9102233126276

New York Street, Worli

Started by Kaavo, New York Street is your place for amazing hot dogs, done just right and served with a side of crisps and hot sauce. Read more about it here.

Delivering till: 3.30am, all days

Contact: +91 9022667006

Persian Darbar, Byculla

We personally vouch for their butter chicken, which arrived promptly and warm to our hungry stomachs. They’ve also got your Chinese food to order for.

Delivering till: 3am

Contact: 022 30151060

The Roll Company, Lower Parel

These guys have got great rolls and on top of that, the yummiest parmesan pav bhaaji. They deliver from Churchgate to Mahim and Fort to Sion/Wadala.

Delivering till: 4am on weekends, 1.30am on weekdays

Contact: Order from Scootsy and Swiggy for late night orders, otherwise +91 8291075090

Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar

Jaffer Bhai’s your man for late night food, across the city actually. Do be prepared for a little late service, however. This is there at Mohammad Ali Road, Girgaum and Grant Road.

Delivering till: between 3–4.30am {depending on which outlet you call}

Contact: +91 9076729720

Pandora’s Box, Fort 

A new-ish joint, this has a great variety for fun food like watermelon and feta cheese, masala fries and even chocolate shakes at night. Plus, it’s all vegetarian if that floats your boat in any way.

Delivering till: 4am

Contact: +9102230151167

Zaffran, CST

You already know of Zaffran, but we couldn’t not include this popular Indian food joint. If you are ordering from beyond their delivery distance, an extra charge of INR 200 will be added.

Delivering till: 3.40am is the last order

Contact: 022 30151365



Photo source: Foodplate via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]


Sandeep is best known for its chicken biryani and Indian snacks. We think these are ideal for lining the belly after a long night out.

Delivering till: 3am

Contact: +9102225646858


Photo source: Lara604 via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Photo source: Lara604 via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.0]


The best bet for snacks after a night of one too many drinks are the Nightsnackers. The dry chicken lollipops with extra masala are highly recommended.

Delivering till: 4.30am

Contact: +9102230151273


Photo source: Smokin' Joes Pizza

Photo source: Smokin’ Joes Pizza

Smokin Joes

Who knew Smokin Joes also delivers late into the night? Well, now we do. Don’t forget to try out their hot chicken or spicy salami pizza for INR 165.

Delivering till: 3am

Contact: +9102228492233


Kasbah is best known for its North Indian food, but if you actually visit, you could smoke a hookah here as well.

Delivering till: 4am

Contact: +9102233715931


Photo source: The Mini Punjab Group

Photo source: The Mini Punjab Group

Mini Punjab’s Lakeside

This is one of the {few} options in Powai to call in times of hunger. Get your typical Indian and Chinese fare here.

Delivering till: 1.30am

Contact: +9102225708689


Photo source: Yalla Yalla

Photo source: Yalla Yalla

Bhukka Sher

These guys deliver the greasy Chinese food every drunken night deserves.

#LBBTip: They deliver up till Vile Parle too.

Delivering till: 4am

Contact: 022 30151931

Bhukkad Dhaba 

Bhukkad Dhaba is your guy for insane cheese-stuffed naans {with any filling of your choice}.

Delivering till: 5am

Contact: +918433507657

Go Biryan 

This Lokhandwala joint is great for hitting both the chicken biryani and veg dal makhani right on the sweet spot.

Delivering till: 4am

Contact: 022 65348844

Hogg Quarters

Because you need more than just north Indian food, Hogg quarters will satiate your fix of big burgers, great sandwiches and Italian food too. Delivery and takeaway only.

Delivering till: 3am {You can place the last order till 3 here}

Contact: +918879787305

Yalla Yalla 

Hit them up for your dose of hummus, pita and me-time.

Delivering till: 3.30am

Contact: +917678039898

Andaz Apna Apna, Azad Nagar 

Have eggs done all ways and good ol’ maggi too when you run low on groceries + the will to cook.

Delivering till: 3.30am

Contact: +91 9920437197


Photo courtesy: Garam Masala

Photo courtesy: Garam Masala

Jantar Mantar 

Again, great for their naan turnovers and rolls to hog on.

Delivering till: 4am

Contact: +91 8655344771

Garam, Juhu

They’ve got one of the best biryanis in town.

Delivering till: 5am

Contact: +91 8291382244


Photo source: Burgzooka

Photo source: Burgzooka

Mumbai Street Kitchen

Call in for amazing Chinese food, Italian or even Indian. It’s new, and they’re doing pretty well.

Delivering till: 3am

Contact: +9102230151574


Burgzooka is your call for amazing burgers which would receive an Exceeds Expectations on our test.

Delivering till: 5am

Contact: +91 8767200500

Vile Parle

Photo: Aman Deshmukh/LBB

Photo: Aman Deshmukh/LBB

Pop In 

Either pop in, or order in for a a quick bite of pizza.

Delivering till: 4am

Contact: +9102233126970

Mulund and Thane

Photo source: ChillPapi

Photo source: ChillPapi


Chillpapi lets you chill and lay back while they get you your favourite classic snacks. Only until the clock strikes twenty past four.

Delivering till: 4.20am

Contact: +919769009797

Featured photo source: Smokin’ Joes Pizza