Hack The Theka: Where To Get Alcohol Post-One AM In Mumbai

Jayati posted on 06 June

It’s midnight, and you’re still not drunk, and if you are, you want to continue drinking. Unfortunately, Mumbai’s 1.30 am rule is a major party popper. So we decided to look up places that will be your boozy comrades for the late night pick ups or delivery for the party that never ends.

These places generally have a loyal clientele, so some places may refuse if they don’t know you yet. But go on, place your first order and be a customer for life. It’s not the list Mumbai city needs, but the list it deserves.

Gokul, Colaba

It’s one of our oldie but a goodie recommendations. A SoBo favourite, Gokul is that one local bar everyone goes to at some point in their life for two reasons, cheap booze and cheap booze. It may take a bit of convincing on your part to get alcohol delivered home past midnight, but once you’re a regular, that’s your go-to-place post midnight.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 3am

Casual Dining

10, Tullock Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

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Deepak's Wine Shop, Bandra

Partying in Bandra, and don’t want to step out? That’s fine. Just call up Deepak wines and they’ll deliver to your doorstep. Deepak’s will also deliver food, cigarettes, and pretty much anything else if we ask nicely and tip well.

Keep in mind, they might take a while to deliver on nights that they have a lot of orders, so keep checking in on your order with a phone call or two.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 4am

Liquor Stores

Shop 3, Silver Croft Building, Opp. Pali Sabji Market, Pali Mala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

The Pinky Wines, Bandra

Another one of the suburban gems, Pinky wines offers late night delivery/or pick up option for the party enthusiasts. Their repertoire tends to be slightly limited, so we would advise that you follow our suit and keep your orders basic.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 1.30am

Liquor Stores

Shop 11, Jaldarshan Building, Chimbai Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Hotel Woodcon Bar and Restaurant, Versova

Turns out, drinking cheap generally involves below average ambience, sort of questionable hygiene and obviously, your typical middle-aged uncles crowd.

This tiny bar in Versova is our go-to stop for cheap alcohol. Call ahead if you’re going to pick up – this bar tends to be unpredictable, and sometimes closes shop early if facing problems with the cops.

Pick up: Until 1.30 am

Casual Dining

Gold Crown Building, POPCO Colony, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

Janata Bar and Restaurant, Bandra

A Bandra-favourite, Janata Bar is the suburb’s answer to SoBo. This pretty iconic yet tiny bar popular among all, delivers home till 1.30 am. Post this, just drop by the this place, and place your order directly to one the waiters for a quick drink or two, or do a pick up.

Bonus: you can do a quick drive-by here if you’re in a car or a taxi. Just stop near the bar and a waiter will come take your order through the car window.

Delivery/Pick up: Open until 2.30am, delivery until 1.30am

Casual Dining

78-A, Pali Naka, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Goregaonkar Wine Shop, Khar

For the residents of Khar Pali West, hit up this place for late-night deliveries. You can also drop by and pick up alcohol. Keep in mind ladies, the area around this bar can get a little shady at night. Be careful if walking to this bar, and opt for home-delivery if possible.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 5am

Liquor Stores

95/2, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Ambedkar Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai

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Shankari, Andheri

Not for the low-lit ambience, or the dodgy tables but definitely for cheap alcohol and cheap kebabs, this bar in Andheri is open till 1 am.

However, if coming to the place isn’t on the agenda, just give them a call, and get alcohol delivered to your home uptil 4.30am. One caveat: they take their unofficial ‘last orders’ at 4am, so plan accordingly.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 4.30am

Casual Dining

Juhu Versova Link Road, Kapaswadi, Andheri West, Mumbai

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Sagar Restaurant and Bar, Powai

A Shankari-like deal for the Powai folks, Sagar is a budget bar offering cheap food and drinks. Fun fact: Sagar also has really good food. We liked their dal khichdi, which was just how mom used to make it. If you’re feeling hungry, this is the place for some late-night comfort food – as well as one last drink.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 3am

Casual Dining

Panchkutir Ganesh Nagar, Adi Shankaracharya Marg, Opp. Powai Lake, Powai, Mumbai

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Kinara, Andheri East

Andheri West’s cousin, Andheri East folks, fret not. Get your fix of booze from here. They won’t deliver to you, but you can always go and sweet-talk them in to letting you buy some post 1am. We advise you to build up a good rapport with them with lavish tips and friendliness – you won’t regret it.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 3am

Casual Dining

Shop 1, Maggie Chawl, Opp. Medicon Bhavan, Sahar Indian Oil Road, Sahar Village, Andheri East, Mumbai

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Gopal Krishna Restaurant and Bar, Dadar

For the Dadar dwellers, good news. This bar near the Dadar Railway station is the answer to ‘where do we get alcohol from’ misery – it’s cheap and open until the wee hours of night. It’s not a regular classy place, but if you head in a group, it’s decent enough.

Women – don’t head here alone, better to be safe than sorry.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 4.30 am

Casual Dining

20/22, Sajnma Mansion, Dr.M C Jawle Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai