#DessertsFirst: What To Expect At India’s Largest Dessert Festival In Mumbai

Do you believe that indulging in desserts before main course is the best thing one can do? Then consider this a special invite to all you foodies breaking stereotypes. We invite you to India’s largest desserts festival, where there are tons of dessert options (healthy ones, too!) for every kind of sweet tooth lover in the city. Take a sneak-peek at some of the delicious brands that are going to be a part of this year's LBB Dessert Bazaar on February 15 and 16 at Universal Square, High Street Phoenix! Register here!

Apsara Icecream

This brand doesn't really need an introduction. They've got some incredible icecream flavours like tamarind, guava, mosambi, and sugarcane, that are fresh and hand-churned. And if you're into fruity flavours, heading to their stall when you're at the Bazaar, is a great idea. 

Shell Out: INR 50- INR 100

P.S: They'll also have Kulfi sticks for the event! 

Bombay Popsicles

Its always a good time for Popsicles in this city. Thanks to an all-season garmi. But Bombay Popsicles is here to your rescue. If you love all things sweet and frozen, make your way to the Bombay Popsicles pop-up at Dessert Bazaar. They're known for their spicy guavas, pinacolada pops, and tiramisu pops that are made using fresh ingredients and even seasonal flavours. So let your taste-buds get the sweet kick of delish popsicles from their menu at our event. 

Shell Out: INR 100 onward

Noto Icecream

Ditch those guilty feelings that creep in after devouring on a bowl full of delicious icecream, because you'll have NOTO to you rescue. They make guilt-free, healthy icecreams that don't have more than 75 to 90 calories per tub. So while you slurp on a Mango and cream, Mocha choco chip, or a salted caramel icecream, know that you're also consuming prebiotic fibres that are great for your gut. You know where to find them on the 15th and 16th! 

Shell Out: INR 95-INR 335

Brooklyn Creamery

Another healthy icecream brand that makes us want to have more with every scoop. Brooklyn Creamery is all set to tantalize your tastebuds with bubblegum, mango and strawberry flavoured icecreams at Dessert Bazaar. They claim that a 120 ml scoop of Brooklyn has the same number of calories as an apple would have. Time for you to find that out! 

Shell Out: INR 65-INR 250 

The Baker's Dozen

We love this artisan bakery for their traditional breads that are, best of all, chemical and preservative-free. They are also one of the very few bakeries in the city that bakes a challah, a traditional Jewish bread. That being said, let's not underestimate their mouthwatering desserts. Sign up for some sponge Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, among crackers and breads, ofcourse.

Shell Out: INR 40-INR 300

Smiley Pop

If you're not a dessert person, you've got to try their insane popsicles to change that! Smiley Pops does tiny pops in vibrant colors that aren't just Instagrammy, but also delicious. Get your hands on the Belgium Milk Chocolate pop, Belgium Dark Chocolate pop, Chocolate Hazelnut, Raspberry, Golden Vanilla, Strawberry pop without fail at the Bazaar!

Shell Out: INR 50-INR 100

P.S: They've got orange, mango, pineapple, and lemon slurpees at their pop-up too!


A popular SoBo cloud kitchen which specialises in authentic and handcrafted French desserts. Located in the heart of Opera House, this delivery joint offers some lip-smacking Bons Bons, tarts, travel cakes, assorted macrons, keto and Nutella dessert jars, macarons, brownies and cookies, and tons of other options.

Shell Out: INR 250 - 4,000

Caramel Patisserie By The Park Hotel

If you're looking for something mindblowing and out of the box then Caramel Patisserie & Cafe is the perfect place to go. Enjoy delicious macarons, signature handcrafted exclusive chocolates, cakes, pastries, freshly baked bread and much more. They've also got savories like Chicken mayo sandwich, BBQ cottage cheese sandwich etc.  

Shell Out: INR 35 - INR 250

Lokoman Cafe

One of the firsts to bring the newest obsession in the dessert world - Loukoumades into India. For those unaware, Loukoumades are like bite-sized doughnuts, filled with custom stuffings like Nutella, dark, milk or white chocolate, cream, etc. 

Shell Out: Less than INR 150

The Waffle House

It's never a bad idea to bite on a heart-warming waffle layered with chocolate, lip-smacking syrups and toppings. Claimed to one of the earliest entrants in India's waffle industry, The Waffle House is known for its freshly baked pancakes with their special homemade sauces. This year, they're bringing the classic maple, Belgian chocolate, choco-coffee, Nutella and blueberry pancakes. 

Shell Out: INR 100 - 200

Glee Chocolates

Handcrafted with love, Glee Chocolates offers an array of chocolates prepared with the finest ingredients and traditional Belgian cooking techniques. Apart from chocolates, they're also including pastries and cupcakes to eff-free macaroons and gluten-free muffins too! So, do grab a bite!

Shell Out: INR 150 - INR 350

Coppetto Artisan Gelato

A popular brand for fresh and lip-smacking ice-cream, Coppetto Artisan Gelato is coming to the Dessert Bazaar with some delicious Gelato, Sorbet and Cioccolato fredda.

Shell Out: INR 30 - INR 400

The Pancake Story

Satiate your senses with divine and heart-warming desserts from The Pancake Story. You can indulge in numerous options such as waffles, crepes, mini pancakes and even chocolate nachos! Ranging from Nasty Nutella Pancake to American Dream Pancake, they've got an array of warm pancakes. 

Shell Out: INR 50 - INR 100

Love And Flour

Chocolate bark, Ombre Cupcakes, cheeky themed cakes and sinfully lush brownies are mainstays when you try what this SoBo baker is offering. Expect sweet things in sweeter flavours - think Chocolate and Mint, Strawberries and Nutella, and more - and be prepared for multiple helpings.

Shell Out: INR 30 - INR 150

Baked by Food Darzee

They claim to be the healthiest bakery in town, and we have a feeling this might just be true. Now, we're not about to ask you to steer clear of sugar and cream during the Sweetest Weekend of The Year, but we'll gladly welcome a delightful treat that does the body good! They'll be offering sugar-free, keto-friendly and gluten-free desserts.

Shell Out: INR 50 - 800


Like your popsicle healthy and delicious? Well, Paleteria is a brand you must be eyeing at the Dessert Bazaar. Known for their quality and natural ingredients, their popsicles are made from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices. And to make sure you get the best quality, popsicles are made in small batches. 

Shell Out: INR 100 and upwards. 

London Bubble Co.

Love all things waffle? Then you have got to check out the London Bubble Co. stall at Dessert Bazaar. They've got pocket waffles, shakes, wafflewiches and more to indulge your sweet tooth. Expect options like Nutella Pocket and Belgian Chocolate Pocket.

Shell Out: INR 99 upwards

Cafe Waffle Casa

Waffle fans, you're in for a treat! Cafe Waffle Casa is all set to fill you full of happiness with their delicious, freshly made waffles and mini pancakes. From classic waffles to more indulgent options, they've got it all. Think Classic Maple and Nutella Nudge if you're craving a sweet treat.

Shell Out: INR 70 - 590