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#LBBEvent: Here's The Lowdown On AlphaBounce Treasure Hunt With adidas

Mary posted on 27 December

We didn’t approach the likes of Ethan Hunt for it, but we did orchestrate a hunt of our own, and over 70 people chose to accept our mission. Why, you ask? Simple; adidas’s latest offering, the AlphaBounce, was up for grabs along with a chance to test your knowledge about Mumbai.

The mission - 12 clues, 4 starting points, 12 iconic spots in the financial capital, 12 teams, one winning team, and dinner and drinks for 70 people at the last clue point.

The hunt began from 4 different adidas stores across the city and took all the participants on a ride they would remember for a very long time. The games included fitness tasks, cracking clues, teamwork and a lot of high adrenaline moments.

Think you know your city well? Try and crack these clues, then. There’s no shoes to be won {this time} but maybe you’ll feel like an Alpha for a few hours {thanks to the miracle of the internet}

Clue 1
Welcome hunters, its only just begun
All the way to the great gate you need to run
Where the waves splash against the stone
It was built when House of Britain ruled the throne!

Clue 2
Time for a cup of coffee
Hot or cold you take your pick
Find me in this one-of-a-kind café
Which has interiors inspired by Moby Dick!

Clue 3
If you’re the Alpha you’ll know where I stay
The Bargain Street will show you the way
See my face in the window?
Take a pic here and we let you go!

Clue 4
Your next clue is a little bit of word play
Think of the sun-sign that represents the Lion  
Now think of a word that rhymes with old
Put 2 and 2 together and watch the puzzle unfold! 

Clue 5
Solving puzzles is an art
Too bad it can’t be displayed
If you need some inspiration
Your next destination might help in a way! 

Clue 6
The Queen’s Necklace is too long
So let’s narrow it down for you
Meet you opposite the Maharaja
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, Aaja aaja aaja!

Clue 7
Sanjay, Salman all have paid a visit here
But we wish you never have to go
If you ever break the law,
Look for the men in black robes!
LBB Tip: No its not the jail!

Clue 8
Let’s travel back in time
Akbar was his father, Nur Jahan was the wife
Good cafes often shutdown
But then such is life

Clue 9
If you follow Little Black Book
You may have heard about this new place
Pizza lovers in the team
Go run to the stock exchange 

Clue 10
Named after a continent
A beautiful set for a movie it makes
So close yet so far
It’s all about the steps you take!

Clue 11
Running low on battery?
Let’s charge you guys up
No there’s no food we’re giving
It’s gadgets we want to stock up!

Clue 12
Lets draw an American connection
Trump has won, Hilary is stumped
You’ve worked your butt off for the hunt
We say, its now time to get drunk!

Check your answers!
1. Gateway of India, 2. Starbucks, Behind Taj Mahal Hotel, 3. Adidas store, York House, Colaba 4. Leopold Café, 5. National Gallery of Modern Art, 6. Marine Drive, Opp Air India Building, 7. Bombay High Court, 8. Jehangir Art Gallery, 9. Farmer & sons, 10. Asiatic Society {Library}, 11. Croma, Kala Goda, 12. Boston Butt

If you found this exciting and have a serious FOMO for our upcoming events, do keep our app handy and keep up to date. See you soon!