Woodside Inn

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Sneak Peek: Your First Look At The New Woodside Inn In Lower Parel

Jayati posted on 15th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Woodside Inn’s third outpost is opening to the public today in Lower Parel and we’re loving its complete makeover.

What's New?

The woodside Inn at Lower Parel is an amalgamation of their Colaba and Andheri outlet. How so? They’ve combined the elements of both the pubs and created a finer decor, at the same time remaining their wall murals and art frames on the wall.

For us, it was a very loft-esque vibe with wooden floors and beautiful wooden bar set with 25 taps in a row. Though it’s more of a sit-down place, owing to the more prominent work culture and office-goers in Lower Parel, Woodside has enough space for about 50-60 people on a rally jam packed night. With classic rock tunes playing in the background, and a pint or two in our hands was what we had in mind post-work.

Chow Down

The menu, though hasn’t undergone a drastic change, has some great new additions, thanks to Chef Nikhil Abhayankar. The food, unlike at regular pubs, moves away from ‘pub food’ to more refined dishes cooked with a sensibility.

For their seafood selection, grilled baby octopus with smoked paprika – which is sourced locally fresh everyday is a fantastic dish for the seafood lovers. We’re going on a limb here and declaring their prawns rolls {with the filling of light-cooked prawns inside a bun topped with mayonnaise} possibly one of their best dishes. Classic roast chicken, beef tornadoes and crispy pork shoulders with bbq sauce should definitely be on the ‘must-have’ list.

For the vegetarians we recommend the organic baby green salad {all of the ingredients have been sourced freshly from a farm in Pune}, roasted cauliflower and for munchies, the crispy fries with their -house sauces.

Sip On

The bar at Woodside Inn is a delightful corner for post-work drinks. The outpost has 25 craft beer taps sourced from the popular breweries like The Independence, White Owl, Brewbot among others.

However, the most unique bit is that they will have cocktails and coffee on the tap as well at their work stations. That’s right chicas – go for sangrias, gin & tonic just running on the taps.

#LBBTip: We decided to try out the bartender and told him what we felt like having – voila – he came up with the perfect drink for us there and then. Want a cool cocktail, just ask!

So, We're Saying...

We’re loving Woodside Inn’s new look in Lower Parel, especially because our post-work drink scenes have finally been sorted now. If drinks isn’t on the cards, we are up for an indulgent heavy meal and their selection of great music.


They open today to the public for dinner only and in a week’s time the taps will be up and running, sorting out our beer worries.

More Information

Woodside Inn

Lower Parel

Todi Building, Mathuradas Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Woodside Inn

Lower Parel