This Year, Opt For Handmade Bamboo Rakhis Made By Tribal Artisans

Jayati posted on 08 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Tribal artisans from Lawad, Meghlat, are hand-making special eco-friendly rakhis made of bamboo scraps with the help of local NGO, Venu Shilpi Industrial Co-operative Society.

Rakhi For A Cause

Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra, which is an association based in Melghat, is taking what’s precious to them, bamboo, and bringing it to the city of Mumbai on the special occasion of Rakhshabandhan. The tribals {adivasis} from Lawad are sourcing natural material like bamboo shavings to create bases for the rakhi, and then decorating it with beautiful patches of shiny beads, threads and more.

These green rakhis are not only sustainable, but is also one of the sources of income for the Melghat tribal community. If you haven’t seen these rakhis around, that’s because the NGO hasn’t marketed it, but has still managed to sell almost 8,000 rakhis in Mumbai solely on of word-of-mouth via Whatsapp messages.

So We're Thinking...

Ditch the mass-produced rakhis in the market, and support the Melghat tribals, and their artwork. Most of these rakhis can be bought by calling up people who {housewives, friends of the NGO} keep a stock, and can arrange to send the rakhis to you.

Price: INR 24 – INR 40 a piece

Check the Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra website here.

You can also buy these rakhis online here.

Contact: +91 996755439, +91 998760567, +91 8879191722, +91 9867234891