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Five Quirky Clocks To Gift To The Perennially Late Friends In Your Life

Jayati posted on 30 September

With birthdays pilling up, and our gift ideas running out, we decided to browse the world wide web {or our casual net} looking for gifting options. After some research, we have decided to curate a list of our picks of wall clocks , for practical AND visual purposes, to gift our friends eclectic clock to adorn their walls. Scroll down to hit shop o’clock, amirite?

For The Book Nerds

Sharing our love for puns, Papeljam is as quirky as it gets. They have sketched four cartoon characters that star in their stationary items like wall clocks, envelopes, notebooks and more. We got our eyes set on the bookworm clock staring Roger – to gift our bookoholic friends for their book o’clock time.

Price: INR 850

To buy, go here.

For The Funny One

This clock is all about simplicity. They’ve literally spelled it out for you to know it’s a clock. However, in the first look, the word may seem off {what dd you guess?}. Buy it for that one friend who lives at home with parents, and appreciates under the table jokes, or is completely unaware.

Price: INR 959 {Diwali sale}

Buy it here.

For The Morning Hater

This clock captures the emotion we all feel in the morning {if you’re a morning person, good for you}. It’s simple, relatable and honestly, every young person’s go-to-phrase when bombarded with early morning alarms – NOPE.

Price: INR 799

Buy it here.

For That Minimalist Friend

Do you love Mumbai? Do you like minimally-designed clocks? Are you looking for gifts that combine both? This is the gift for you.

Price: INR 950

Buy it here.

For The Arty One

This beautiful artwork clock is for anyone looking to add lots of colour to their plain walls.

Price: INR 1,000

Buy it here.