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Handmade, Pastel And Exclusive: We Love This Mumbai-Based Menswear Brand

Jayati posted on 25th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Tāth is a Mumbai-based menswear label by Prasad Ramamurthy which makes their clothes with Indian handlooms, featuring mellow pastel prints and colours.

Easy Wear For Men

Tāth was started off by Prasad, a journalist currently working with Conde Naste Traveller, in 2013 in Mumbai. What began as a personal project {Prasad designed these clothes for himself and his friends} transformed into a more commercial space post the demand for his personal style and clothes.

At first look, the entire collection of Tāth looks really natural and comfortable, which is the idea behind Tāth. The shirts are all handmade by the masters that Prasad hands the designs over to. Created from organic cotton like Chettinad cotton and natural dye {indigo} – Prasad often finds himself picking up fabrics on his travels across the country. Dabu {mud} block printing is something you’ll find in his collection – a concept that comes from the Jaisalmer region of Rajasthan. Fabrics are often sourced from Andhra Pradesh, Kutch and Tamil Nadu and wherever Prasad travels to and takes a liking for.

What We Love

The affordability and the everyday wearable elements of the collection. Prasad’s idea is to promote the dying Indian handloom industry – which is being overtaken by the mass produced items. He buys his materials from the weavers directly.

We love the soft pastels shades of the collection – and the fact that every piece of clothing is limited – at no point will there be more than 16 pieces of one design per style, thereby making it more exclusive. The prices start from INR 1,500 to INR 3,000.

Anything Else?

Clothes can be bought via the Facebook page, or one can email him at tatbydesign@gmail.com for placing orders. Though he doesn’t really take customisation orders in terms of designs, sizes can be customised. He has a studio in Sion which one can drop by but only on appointment basis. Just drop a text on Facebook, or on mail. Soon the collection will find a way to a store in Mumbai which is still in talks, Prasad tells us.

So, We're Saying...

Mumbai switches between two types of season – Summer and monsoon – and we think Tāth’s collection is perfect for both the seasons – all year round. It also helps when the brand caters to homegrown weavers and handloom – apart form being dreamy and colourful.

To follow Tāth and buy clothes, go here.


Tāth will soon be releasing an exclusive women collection for the first time, so keep a watch out on their Facebook page.


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