Fitness goals are something that we’ll all set now – 2017 is hopeful and a fresh start, so why not. Getting fitter and glowing more is definitely on our list. We compiled a list of fitness apps that can help you achieve them.


Photo source: Strava

Photos source: Strava

A running and cycling tracker, Strava is hugely popular internationally. Easy to use because of its simple interface, Strava lets you switch between the two modes {running and cycling} with ease. You can also check out Runtastic and Runkeeper.

Available on iOS here and Android here.


Photo source: Seven

Photos source: Seven

Like to keep your workout short and effective? Try Seven. 7 minute workouts that range from a full-body workout to workouts targeting specific areas, this app has you covered. You  can take up their 7-month challenge and get fitter at home.

Available on iOS here and Android here.


Photo source: Fitocracy

Photos source: Fitocracy

Fitocracy has personal trainers as well as a huge online community to discuss and share workout goals. You get to have a personal trainer that helps you reach your goal.You’ll also get a personalised nutrition plan built specifically for your needs. You’ll learn how to eat on your own terms while establishing healthy habits.

Available on iOS here and Android here.


Photo source: Goodvice

Photos source: Goodvice

Now, Goodvice is for those who do not like to commit to the idea of exercising at the gym everyday or sticking to one particular routine. Haters of monotony, meet Goodvice – an app that lets you attend different forms of exercises, according to your location. You pay as you go. For details, read what we had to say about it here.

Available on Android here.


Photo source: Fiticket

Photo source: Fiticket

Don’t like the idea of paying as you go?  You can take a monthly membership with Fiticket and attend various sessions of different physical activities – ranging from swimming to dance or gyms and others.

Available on iOS here and Android here.


Photo source: Headspace

Photo source: Headspace

Work got you stressed? Download Headspace if you want to let stress out the healthy way. Hey, physical health is important but so is mental. Chop, chop, be happier in 2017.

Available on iOS here and Android here.


Photo source: Fitternity

Photo source: Fitternity

The most popular platform to find about your next workout destination. Whether it’s gyms, pilates or yoga, you’ll find everything on Fitternity. What’s wonderful is that you can try as many places as you want and their customer care will make sure you find the right workout/class for you.

Available on Android here and iOS here.

Featured photo source: Pixabay