#LBBPicks: Bookmark These 5 Offbeat Picture-Perfect Destinations For Your Wedding

Vaishnavi posted on 23 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Dreaming and planning a beautiful wedding day so it’s a perfect affair for you, your loved ones and your guests? We know the stress starts from the beginning, after all, picking a location is everything. And if the travel bug in you is strong or you love destination weddings, then here’s a micro bible of dreamy locales you can head to. The good folks at AaSan Eventos, a Delhi based wedding planners will be your guiding light and companions in planning the picture perfect set-up you want. Also, brace yourself for beauty that’s coming your way!

Abu Dhabi

The capital city of UAE known for its iconic Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque, ultra fast roller coaster rides at the ferrari world and mesmerising sand dunes has more to offer than this. It’s a perfect spot to begin a new chapter of your life, and that too the Arabian way. Abu Dhabi has multiple options for a beautiful wedding, right from its roof touching 5 star luxury hotels to open lawns and desert retreats that will make you awestruck, this is definitely your chance to stand out and shine.


Once a beach bum, forever a beach bum and this is exactly what will make your wedding even more special. Krabi itself is an offbeat destination in breathtaking Thailand, with scenic beaches and an island with Instagrammable views. Host your big day with their beautiful landscape in the background and be sure your wedding album will be a sight for sore eyes. Bonus, you can relieve your wedding stress by taking a dip in the world famous coral reef diving with your closed ones!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has all the makings of a perfect wedding destination. The bliss, the thrills and the crystal clear beaches will make your wedding pictures oh-so-perfect! A scenic landscape awaits you, so take beachside vows or get married in a hot air balloon, or pick heritage temples and beautiful gardens to have memorable celebrations.

Hong Kong

Growing up to watch a million Disney movies and love stories that have happy endings, Hong Kong is not only home to Disneyland but amazing locales to fulfil your wedding dreams. The Chinese temples and culture around will add an extra element to the memories you create together. The cuisine and scenic markets filled with happiness and laughter will make it a complete wedding destination. Say “Nǐ hǎo!” to a dreamy wedding!

Hua Hin

A delightful mix of city life chaos and serenity of the beaches, buzzing street stalls and lively markets. Hua Hin is home to luxury properties that’ll make your dream of having a perfect wedding come true. With beaches that are so beautiful, one cannot not have a wedding there. Also, with multiple bar options, your friends and family are totally going to love the lit scenes!

So, We’re Saying..

For the unconventional couple, you are, you gotta pick something that suits your style and personality. It’s time to reconsider your destination because these outstanding offbeat locations will not only make you fall in love with them but you’ll not fall into the cliche category. Let AaSan Eventos based out in Delhi curate it for you based on your budget and handcraft an extravagant wedding plan, while you sip on your favorite cocktail and relax.

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