#LBBPicks: Have Yourself A Very Kinky Christmas With These Naughty Accessories

Ten-Second Takeaway

Oh tis the season to be jolly and merry amidst all the mulled wine and Secret Santa rounds. But tis the season to be equally sexy and kinky. We researched the web {not the dark web} to find some quirky and kinky things to buy. So here you go clicking, get kink and kinkier with our picks of naughty things to buy this festive season.

For The Bold

Get a hold of these kinky stick-on nipple covers. Not only are they bold but we think they’ll go perfect for the strapless dress you’d like to wear on your evening out.

Price: INR 350

Buy it here.

For The Playful

This is for anyone who wants to tease to please. This bra is fully covered in colourful candy for anyone ahem ahem looking to indulge in some playful teasing.

Price: INR 1200

Buy it here.

For The Risque

This blood red pearl G-string is for any woman who want to show off her risque side. It’s bold, beautiful and everything that’ll up the festive season this year, or the next.

Price: INR 375

Buy it here.

For The Romantic

Think body paint. Think edible. That’s right, this edible body paint is vanilla flavoured and if that isn’t enticing enough, we say give it a try. Get with your bae and give a modern twist to the age-old romance.

Price: INR 1,012

Buy it here.

For The Notorious

We stumbled upon the prized gem that is Sunny Leone’s website. The products are as naughty as it sounds. If you loved EL James’s ‘Fifty shades Of Grey’ – then this aqua lubricant is for you.

Price: INR 1,250

Buy it here.

For The Beautiful

It’s simple, classy and everything we love about the festive season. Stockings with heart lined up on side is just amazing and we love it. We can wear it for our crazy night outs, romantic dinner or simply to edge up up our wardrobe.

Price: INR 550

Buy it here.