Herbivores of Mumbai, are you inundated by friends raving about this awesome chicken/mutton roll that is a must-try? Well now you have something to rave about too. Here’s our round up of the veggie rolls we give a thumbs up to, so the next time a meat-lover brings you their chicken roll, you give them an avocado roll in return.

R.P Bhaji Pav Roll @ Bachelorr’s

Photo source: Bachelorr's

Photo source: Bachelorr’s

One of the most iconic eateries in Mumbai, Bachelorr’s is nothing short of a heritage site in itself. Of course, it always helps when they also do some kick-ass veggie rolls. RP bhaji pav roll is one of those. With a filling of hot bhaji wrapped in crusty pav roll, this is a roll we want to go back and have.

#LBBTip: If you’re up for some experimentation then check out their R.P paneer tikka pizza roll.

Price: R.P bhaji pav roll, {INR 150}, R.P paneer tikka pizza roll {INR 160}

Paneer Tikka Roll @ Ayub’s

One of the most popular roll joints, Ayub’s though known for its kebabs is equally worthy of going for a good old paneer tikka roll. The paneer tikka roll is wrapped up with roasted capsicum and onion with just right amount of  flavourful spices.

#LBBTip: We also recommend Ayub’s classic aloo roll prices at just INR 80.

Price: Paneer tikka roll, INR 100

Tomato And Avocado @ Bombay Salad Co

Photo source: Bombay Salad Co.

Photo source: Bombay Salad Co.

At Bombay Salad Co, it’s all about following healthy food habits. So, their wraps follow the same process.

You can choose a base for your wrap, multigrain, organic wholewheat and spinach wrap or even a gluten free one. We picked our favourite from the menu, tomoto and avocado with filling of roquette, sun-dried tomato, jalapeño and feta to give it a creamy taste with a spinach base wrap.

Super healthy and super yummy, this one is for the health-conscious roll eater out there!

Price: INR 270

Falafel Gyro Roll With Hot Sauce And Tzatziki @ NCPA Cafe

Every veggie-lover’s delight, this roll at the NCPA Cafe had us going for more after one serving. Delicious juicy balls of falafel {made out of chickpeas}  with beans wrapped up in roll made of pita bread. The dressings and stuffing includes fresh veggies like carrots, cucumber with garlic sauce.

Served with creamy tzatziki sauce, this roll is biting into veggie heaven, if one exists. Though slightly priced on the heavier side for a roll, we say it’s worth the cash.

Price: INR 380 + taxes

Paneer Bhurjee Roll @ Food Trek

A paneer classic, this paneer bhurji roll is one of the best we’ve had in Mumbai. It’s soft, warm and served alongside  a green chutney {which is slightly spicy}. It comes with a choice of whole wheat wrap, or the regular one and offered in two sizes, 6 inches and 9 inches.

Price: 6 inches {INR 110}, nine inches {INR 150}

Veg French Fry Wrap @ The J

Photo courtesy: The J

Photo courtesy: The J

A modern take on fries and a wrap, this veggie french fry wrap is served at The J. Find fillings of veggies, fries topped with chilli garlic sauce and mayo to finish it off.

Price: Veg french fry wrap for INR 90

Choley Papdi Roll @ The Roll Company

The Roll Company is an exclusive one for the wraps and rolls in Lower Parel. We have tried almost all of the veggie variations on the menu, but the choley papdi roll struck with us the most.

The wrap of the roll is super crispy and the fillings of spicy choleys with green and a slight drizzle of the tamarind chutney is delightful to say the least. We highly recommend this one for someone who is tired of all the aloo and paneer rolls that have been tried and tested.

Price: INR 150

Spanakopita Souva @ Greko

Photo source: Greko

Photo source: Greko

A place famous for Greek food, we have singled out on our favourite wrap from their Greek wraps selection.

Spanakopita, which is basically spinach pie, is a popular Greek pastry with fillings of chopped spinach, feta cheese, onions and seasoning. In Greko, expect the wrap to be topped with tahini mayo and their homemade chilly served with chips.

Price: INR 170

Paneer Burnt Garlic Mayo at Kathi Kebab Roll

One of the most famous roll shops in Mumbai, Kathi Kebab Roll has a roll of every kind. So of course, we had to feature its popular burnt garlic roll, the veggie version. The roll is crispy and thick, but the best part about this paneer roll is its even famous sauce, burnt garlic mayo, perfect for a variation of the regular tikka rolls.

In fact, not only do they do good veggie and non-vegetarian rolls, it’s also not heavy on the pocket.

#LBBTip: They also do a bizarre paneer chocolate roll!

Price: INR 90

Mushrooms from Koh-Samui @ Foodgasm

Photo courtesy: Foodgasm

Photo courtesy: Foodgasm

Mushrooms from Koh-Samui is a delectable wrap stuffed with tandoori Thai herbed mushrooms with green chutney. Just what the name of the cafe screams, this wrap gives us foodgasm mainly with the seasonings of the otherwise understated shrooms.

Keep in mind, the wraps are whole wheat wraps, so another bonus point for the healthy choice.

Price: INR 120

Featured photo source: Greko