Ten-Second Takeaway

An on-foot tour of Asia’s biggest slum gives us an inside look on the lives of the residents, and why the space is fast becoming a hub of small scale industries.

What Is It?


Slumgods tour and travels organises this two-and-a-half-hour on-foot experience hopes to abolish all preconceived notions of this large slum area in Mumbai. It aims to shun the notion of Dharavi being just a historic area of Mumbai’s poverty {the industries set up inside have a turnover of USD 665 million}.

If you’re interested, there’s a shorter tour named ‘Brisk Beat’ at INR 650 per person which includes a look at the recycling area, a bakery serving Khari biscuits, poppadam making workshop led by women, a look at households and a trip to the Kumabharwada pottery colony.

The longer tour named the The Longer Yard needs at least a group of 3 at INR 3,900 {with a vehicle provided by them} and other than the attractions on Brisk Beat, it also covers Kamathipura, the red light district {they don’t let you get out of the car though} and a look at dhobi ghat.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you’ve always been intrigued by these areas but haven’t been able to visit citing security reasons, this is a safe and reliable way to explore these areas.

Photos source: Slumgods