What Is It?

A cheesecake festival is taking place across all outlets of Le15 Patisserie and Café, where Paris meets New York and the classic macaron meets the baked New York cheesecake, falls in love and creates a gorgeous mix of American style and Parisian dessert. It is taking place from Nov 11–20.

Who Is It For?

It is for those who are long-term fans of Le15’s macarons, love a mix and match of dessert and experimenting with their taste buds.

Why Should I Go?


Post pastry chef and entrepreneur Pooja Dhingra made a trip to the land of the cheesecake, USA a month ago, and inspired by the travel and the food she tasted every day. For a week, you will get to bite into raspberry cheesecake macarons, blueberry cheesecake macarons and the fave American snack peanut butter and jelly made in macaron form. These are essentially our almond flour macarons filled in with cream cheese and fruit jam filling. The crushed biscuit base of a cheesecake is them crumbled and sprinkled on top.

Anything Else?

There will also be an Oreo cheesecake choux, caramel cheesecake choux and Nutella cheesecake choux pastry option. The choux pastry is made out of baked New York cheesecake.

When: Nov 11–20

Where: Le15 Cafe in Colaba and Le15 patisseries across Mumbai

Price: INR 80 plus taxes for the macaron, INR 65 plus taxes for the Choux

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB